5 Online Tools to Test your Typing Speed

02/11/2014 12:26

If you are involved in a job that requires you to write loads of stuff – and if you want to improve your efficiency and work speed, check out the below following five online tools which will not only help you to test your typing speed but will also in the process help improve it.

10fastfingers is one of the simplest websites online to test and improve your typing speed. The website has a simple user-interface so using the service is easy and simple.


You can see a list of words in the top box, with one highlighted. As you start, typing in the box below, the timer starts ticking and you have one-minute to write as many words as possible.

In the end, you are given a result with the number of words per minute you write, the keystrokes struck, correct and wrong words. You are also given a position among hundreds of thousands of people.

TypingTest is an online website that allows users to test their typing speed and improve alongside if they keep on testing themselves. As the quote goes, “practice makes perfect”.


Unlike other websites, TypingTest allows users to choose the language in which they want to test, which include – English, Dutch, Espanol, etc. You can also choose the time limit (from 1 – 3 minutes) and the context of text you wish to be tested on.

You are then given the text and the timer starts when you start typing. At the end of the result you are shown the result, and also compared with the average typist and also shown how much time you save in 1 week if you type at that speed for 10 hours a week.

Typing Test allows users to exercise their typing speed, improve it, and know how much they type per minute.


You are given a context, which you have to write and click on the button that reads “Test Me”. Once you write the whole paragraph, you are shown the WPM count (Words per Minute) and your accuracy along with, if any, mistakes you made during the typing.

Speedtest is one of the simplest ways to test your typing speed online and improve it while you at it. Just visit the website and start typing the highlighted words – the more words you type in the time limit the more WPM (Word per minute) you have.


However, any mistake deducts your points from your overall CPM (Characters per minute).

You can even tweet your result to your friends and followers on Twitter to show them just how good you are, and to compare results.

Keybr has one of the best web layouts online, and stands out from the rest of the crowd from the hundreds of typing test websites.


Keybr allows users to keep on typing until they eventually improve their typing speed – and while you are testing yourself, you are shown the speed at which you type and the number of errors you make.

One of the best features of the site is the graphical representation of the errors on the keyboard, which shows you what key you mistyped the most. This allows users to improve their typing speed.

The website also has a whole paragraph written below with tips and tricks to help you improve your typing speed, with the least errors.

There you have it folks, these five online websites will help you know what your average typing speed is and can help you improve those results if you test on a regular basis.