How to improve typing speed online

02/11/2014 12:30

We all work today in a world of competition. The needs of daily to day life are hard to meet at times. New clothes, good living, good education is all we dream off. How do you feel little extra bucks would be? Great no? One of the good ways is by earning part time from home. But you don’t have any such skills? Why not try typing… there are lots of companies seeking type writers and they are part time jobs too.  All you need to do is gear up your typing speed first.

Some of the great tips to start you off.

1. Place your fingers right

How to improve typing speed - finger placement tips

How to improve typing speed – finger placement tips

  • Type from the start the proper way.
  • type the home row keys A, S, D, and F with the left hand
  • The left hand should do for J, K, and L.

2. Best typing position

sitting position while typing

sitting position while typing – source:

Good posture has a lot of benefits

  1. It will keep up your energy levels high.
  2. It lets your fingers to rest in the correct position. 
  3. let’s you to type faster and  more accurately

What is the correct posture?

The feet should be squarely on the floor and wrists level with the keyboard. Have an upright position of the back. 

3. Take online typing tests

online typing tests to speed typing

online typing tests to speed typing

A good to learn error free typing also giving a boost to your speed. There are number of free sites for learning how to type.

Type better with Games

Type better with Games

Check out the best free sites to learn how to type better.

  1. Typingweb
  2. Goodtyping
  3. Senselang
  4. Typeonline
  5. Typeracer
  6. Ratatype
  7. Typingarena

You may want to visit these recommended sites to know more about typing and how to accentuate your skills.

4. Practice is the key

The way to excellence has always been practice…and lots of it.

More will obviously help the most. The more familiar you will become with the computer keyboard and the position of the keys the better your speed will gradually increase with time.

5. Look at the screen not the Keyboard

The best way to memorize the positions of the keys at much higher rates is by not looking at the keyboard. This is the hardest part for most people, but is a skill that should be learned. This is the easiest way to increase typing speed.

Consider yourself driving a four wheeler. If you have to look at your gear each time you changed it, it would definitely decrease your speed. So let typing also be an automatic response.

6. Online Chatting helps.

It is a great way to increase your typing skills. Make sure to use right punctuation though.

7. E-mail, online bulletin boards and forums

Write a lot of emails… good way to keep in touch with family and friends along with increasing your typing and vocabulary too.

Become a member of online forums and newsletters and contribute there too.

8. Type type and type

Do lots of typing. Explore different kinds of books, magazines, cover pages. All these not only help improve your typing of unfamiliar words but also adds to your other skills too.

Creating your own web page, blog, or online journal that you frequently update is another great way to practice your typing while also doing something productive at the same time.

9. Typing games

A great way to learn the position of all the keys on the keyboard is by typing games. Please refer to the tip 7 above having number free sites to increase typing speed also has games to practice for typing.

10. To err is human

Have a positive approach to your goal. Initially errors are too common. Don’t give up. Continue to strive till you gain perfection.

Consider Touch typing here.Your muscles need some time to adjust to the new techniques that you are learning.  The best and quickest way to do this is through repetition.