Tools That Improve Your Typing Speed

02/11/2014 13:21

There are many people who are very slow to type and use only two fingers while typing. If you are the same kind of person then you need not to worry. There is an availability of a variety of web apps, utility software, and other tools on which you can count your typing speed and it will help you to improve accuracy and speed which are necessary for a good typist.

The following is a list of the top five tools in use in order to improve the typing speed:

  • Rapid Typing

    - this tool helps to learn the position of the right hand and provide training for some specific groups of letters on the key board which are present next to each other. Rapid Typing includes some bunch of simple exercises by which we can learn a lesson of typing without looking at the keyboard. program also provide custom texts for advanced typing training, At the end of the lesson it provides some colorful statistics from which we can get the information regarding our improvement and performance. Portable version of Rapid Typing is also available. It also includes some animated picture and background images which are quite distracting. But these can be disabled and learner can use white, plain background for their lessons.1

  • Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard

    Bruce’s Unusual Typing Wizard is very useful for both the experienced and beginners and help to improve accuracy and speed. This software contains a unique algorithm which detects slightly off typing and adjustment of the position of the typing by the user. It helps to eliminates many typing mistakes and also includes game that contains unusual combinations of letter. It is a multiple user’s supported wizard and users can practice customized tests that include a series of lessons with variety of difficulty levels and keep the statistics of improvement of the learners. This wizard also offers different language to practice and provide an onscreen key board. Both the key board and the game can also be modified to any language or any keyboard layout.


  • Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor:

    This tool helps to improve speed and accuracy while typing. It includes a series of lessons with different difficulty levels. These levels become more and more difficult as the learner progress through them. Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor supports many languages and different keyboard layouts.


  • MaxType Typing Tutor

    It is advanced typing tutor that help to improve typing speed. Any TXT file can be used as training test. In case of speed test one can compete against an opponent controlled by the computer and keep the record of typing speed performance. The program can measure up to 20 parameters of typing.


  • GS Typing Tutor

    – it is one of the best typing tutors for beginners and advanced users. It helps to learn typing from scratch with basic lessons that use two-finger, or provides professional touch to enhance typing speed and skills with the programmed lessons and games. GS Typing Tutor keeps statistics of progress and help to practice with problematic letters.5